What women have experienced from our last Menstrual & Fertility Wellbeing workshop, held in May 2013:

"I found the workshop uplifting for many different ways: first I felt a deep connection with the women who participated, I felt safe and supported to open up and share personal matters. I learned a lot of valuable information about our body and how it functions. I also collected good tips for self care and for planning  for a family. I loved the yoga sessions we did, so in tune with the energies of the earth and sensitive for our body. I finally had a very special experience during the final meditation which turned out to be a ceremony. I was surrounded by some very wise women who were my grandmothers and great grandmothers, I reconnected with them at a spiritual level and I felt like a child that has found her mother after having been lost in the bush for quite some time. Lots of tears crowded my eyes, but they were tears of immense gratitude and happiness for the wonderful experience.
Thank you so so much for having created such a special workshop.
" [Giovana, May 2013]

"The workshop was truly a wonderful experience. I was humbled to be in the presence of women who spoke so openly about there own journeys, and who demonstrated their strength and their vulnerability in doing so. As a woman of the current world, I believe it is a great challenge to maintain balance, and to be both soft and strong at the same time. To embody both the yin and the yang really is hard work, and it is sad to think when I contemplate how society seems to fail to celebrate women, and femininity in it's wholeness. The workshop helped me to journey back in time to connect with my adolescent self, and to celebrate the beginning phases of my womanhood. I felt I was safe, and supported, and I was able to really connect with this young version of myself and in doing so something really healed and was released. I loved the yoga sequences and felt they were perfectly timed, and the information on sanitary items and kitchen remedies was really helpful. I also felt I really connected for the first time with my hormonal cycle, and felt very proud to be a woman! Thank you both so much." [Julia 28yrs, May 2012]

"The menstrual & fertility workshop run by Katherine Smith and Kate Moody was extremely informative, engaging and interesting. I walked away from the workshop with invaluable tools that will forever facilitate my self nurturing, feminine connectivity and overall wellbeing.
Katherine and Kate complimented each other beautifully combining their individual expertise, insights, wisdom and generosity within a serene, warm and nurturing environment.
I am extremely grateful for the opportunity and humbled by the experience.
Bless you both and thank you." [Simone, May 2013]

 "Dear Katherine and Kate,
 Thank you so much for the 2 days of this Menstrual & Fertility Wellbeing Workshop.  It was a truly wonderful experience on many levels and  I found it to be profoundly restorative and soul-enriching.  You have shared with me (and the rest of our close little group) very valuable information that has brought a greater awareness of myself as a woman.  I have developed skills to assist with tuning in more closely to my inner needs, and being kinder and more nurturing to myself.  In my opinion, these skills are essential to all women, who generally tend to give (and give, and give some more!) rather than receive.  As facilitators, I found you both to be very warm, encouraging, compassionate, and wise, which fostered a very safe and comfortable environment for the group to share in.  Thank you again for this beautiful experience, I know it will benefit me for many moon cycles to come."  [Sam, May 2013]

What past workshop participants have experienced with Katherine's women's workshops:

"I was lucky enough to participate in the "Moontime Awakening " Red Tent day retreat with Katherine, even if I felt quite sick on the day....I was still called to go along. I so needed to reconnect with a part of me who was left alone when, growing up as a little girl, I became a women. It was a real awakening for me to a new world of acceptance of my femininity. I felt part of the group of the beautiful women who came along, but I also felt part of a much larger group of women, who are still out there alone and need to reconnect with who they are.
I had two deep moments of realization, when other people were speaking and I could relate so much to all their stories. I felt safe, I felt I could share my personal life with the women there and there was no judgement but lots of support and understanding.
Thank you so much Katherine for the opportunity and your wisdom." 
Giovanna Nava [March 2012]

"I now have a heightened awareness of the importance of resting and nurturing myself and the sacredness of my menstrual cycle - a wonderful gift, thank you"  
Melissa Luxford [March 2012]

"Through the healing power of circle and women connection I felt the deep wound and sacrifice of my wild soul to the constraints and prison of repression. I felt my mother's pain and sacrifice coursing through me and all the linage of women that came before. But now through this exquisite ceremony I assimilate all this pain and release it, fully knowing that a deep healing and integration has occurred. This whole day facilitated by Katherine, has reinforced and connected me with the power of all women. To feel our wounding, release and embrace ourselves fully. This is made possible by the safety, sharing and deep connection of women together in sacred circle. We are truly midwives to each other, birthing and re birthing our full authentic selves. I rejoice in this, my heart sings."  
Carol McCoy [March 2012]

What past participants have experienced with Kate's women's yoga classes:

"Kate, I just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU for your support this year – your care, guidance, encouragement and wisdom has been gratefully received.
I know I would not be as far along my path toward healing if it where not for you and the most important lessons I have learnt this year have come from my yoga.
I am so glad you have taught me to listen to my body and to give it the kindness and compassion that I have always saved and given for others. I have realised that the most important thing I can do is take care of myself and give myself permission to just be, to be me, and to be grateful for the things I can do and for the good people in my life. I am so grateful that you are one of those people Kate ~ you truly are a beautiful soul. Thank you. Namaste." 
student with Fibromalgia. [Dec 2012]

"I find Kate's classes to be uplifting and a truly empowering experience, leaving me feeling relaxed and at peace with myself and the world around me. Kate's healing and soothing voice and presence, is deeply nourishing and takes you on a profound inner journey to stillness. Thank you.
Petra, 58 yrs [Dec 2012]

"I am very grateful for Kate's wisdom, stillness and compassion throughout the year. It is such a wonderful fortune that we have crossed paths, and I have absolutely adored coming to your classes. Time spent with you always feels very vivid, very present, and very enlightening and inspiring. I feel you always take the time to really connect with my heart and soul, and to really listen and respond thoughtfully with grace and always with such warmth. Your classes have kept me conscious and grounded throughout the year. Thank you."  
Anna 28yrs [Dec 2012]

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