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In accompanying Katherine and Kate for either the Menstrual Wellbeing or Fertility & Conscious Conception workshop, we invite you to become aware of the role you are playing in your own health, join in the anticipation and excitement of self-discovery, and take on board from the  two days what feels right for you, ways to heal your own body and  rejoice at a celebration of who you truly are.

Your Facilitator Katherine

Naturopath Specializing In Women's Health & Fertility
Natural Fertility Councilor
Women's Circle & Rite Of Passage Facilitator
The Art Of Feminine Presence Teacher [TM]
Lymphatic Drainage Therapist

My career began in nursing back in the early 1980's. It was during my student nursing days that I began to experience severe symptoms with my periods. This involved excruciating abdominal cramps accompanied with nausea, vomiting & diarrhea for the first two days of bleeding. Followed by a dreadful headache on the third day, so three days of every month were a total wipe out for me.

So I began my journey into exploring natural therapies as I searched for answers, rather than mask my symptoms with the use of painkillers [which didn't stay down anyway because of the vomiting] & oral contraceptives.

Eventually, this led to me studying naturopathy & the subsequent resolution of my menstrual symptoms once I began to use this knowledge to treat myself.

My next major life lesson came when my husband, Chris, & I decided to start our family. Our plans & dreams were crushed when tests revealed that Chris did not have any sperm in his seminal fluid.
The pain & emotional roller coaster of this experience took me  to the depths of despair & darkness.

However, it was also the catalyst for an even deeper level of personal healing for me. As I gradually came to terms with not having a baby, a major aspect of my healing & acceptance, involved developing a deep spiritual & sacred connection with my menstrual cycle. One that went far beyond it's biological "baby making" role & I believe an understanding & connection that is every women's birth right.

My mission now, is to empower women with the knowledge & tools to connect heal & listen to their own body, reproductive cycle & soul. Thereby, activating the innate healing & creative feminine power within them & to joyfully create & shine in all areas of their lives. It also, gives me great joy  to support couples in creating the beautiful & healthy baby of their dreams.

Based on both my personal & clinical experience spanning over the last 31 years; I will be sharing with you tools & processes, to assist you in healing the physical, emotional & spiritual aspects of your menstrual cycle & fertility.

Your Facilitator Kate


Yoga teacher specialising In Women's Health & Chronic Illness
Pre & Post Natal Yoga Teacher
Fertility Yoga Teacher
Reiki Practitioner

When I was 29 years of age, I came down with the chronic fatigue syndrome.  As a result of the illness, every organ and physical system was impacted and the body began to shutdown.
Prior to coming down with CFS, I lived a ceaselessly busy life, driven by a constant need to achieve and a tireless commitment to my corporate profession. I had lived a good part of my life very actively pursuing my life goals and being physically fit. I had been constantly pushing myself beyond my limits on all levels and overriding the need to listen to my body for rest and nourishment for over 10 years.

I came from a background where I was primarily valued for my intellect, achievements, athletic ability, and success. I learned from an early age to protect my vulnerability and feelings, and disconnected from my body and disowned my feminine essence. I learned to seek external validation through my achievements and successes, and allowed my masculine essence to drive my life, to the point that completely depleted my natural energy flow - my feminine essence as a woman.

As a result of being completely out of balance and out of touch with my natural energy flow as a woman, for me the imbalance expressed itself as the chronic fatigue syndrome through the body, mind and energy system.

On my journey to healing and eventually recovery over a 3 year period, I discovered a number of powerful techniques  and ah-ah moments, that dramatically improved my health and restored my vitality.

This amazing journey of self discovery has given me a huge insight into the things that can cause imbalance in our bodies, and how and why we do or do not heal. When we understand why we have become ill, we will have taken a significant leap towards the resolution of our problem in taking profound personal responsibility towards our health and life.

These sacred feminine and restorative yin yoga practices I will be sharing with you, will offer you the experience of internally re-connecting you with your body, and your natural energy flow and feminine form as a woman.

I am dedicated to all women discovering the fullness, beauty and radiance of the feminine, your gifts and strengths within your vulnerability and coming home to your wholeness and wisdom.

What I am able to bring to this two day workshop are the key life transforming techniques that I worked within my CFS recovery that restored radiant wellbeing within my body and re-aligned my internal connection deeply to my menstrual cycle and inturn externally to the cycles within nature.   When we connect internal awareness within our cycles to external rhythms within nature, this powerful connection provides us with the gateway to our inner wisdom and our own healing road map, that is right for us. 

I am looking forward to sharing with you my realization of some deep truths of the healing process that came to me through my own illness and subsequent life course.

When women strengthen their health and spiritual power, we also strengthen the health and wisdom of the men, children and communities around us.

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