Fertility & Conscious Conception

Restoring the sacredness of the womb

 Retreat To Be Held In Bali In 2015 [Details To Be Announced]

This foundational Fertility & Conscious Conception workshop provides you with a greater understanding of your fertility & feminine ground within your pelvic region & reproductive system. 

The essence of this workshop will awaken & boost your fertility  potential and restore feminine vitality to support a conscious conception.Restoring and nourishing your feminine vitality & female organs are a vital key to women’s health, conceiving and birthing a child into the world.

We look forward to sharing the healing power of restorative yoga, meditations, nutrition & herbs,  & self care practices, that offer YOU a pathway to discover & explore a new vibrant relationship to YOUR fertility. 

 We understand if you are having difficulty conceiving, that this is one of the most painful heartbreaks, a woman can experience and you can at times feel very alone with the pain & rawness.We genuinely look forward to walking side you and offering empowering tools to assist you in cultivating YOUR internal resources for re-trusting your body's wisdom & ability in overcoming adversity and honouring the humanness of your fertility journey.

This workshop is for you if:

  •      You have menstrual problems such as period pain, heavy periods, fibroids, PCOS, endometriosis, PMS or irregular cycles.
  •      You are trying to conceive & would like to maximise your fertility
  •      You are experiencing difficulty conceiving, miscarriages & heartbreak
  •      You feel like you have lost connection with your self, your feminine essence and natural feminine cycle
  •      You have lost trust in your body's ability to create the child you long for
  •       You are wanting to prepare your body & spirit for a conscious conception
  •      You feel like you are constantly giving out to others and neglect to take time out for yourself.
  •      You are feeling depleted with your energy, burnt out and disconnected from your natural energy flow as a woman.
  •      You feel disconnected from your creativity & vitality.
  •      You are feeling dissatisfied within the relationship with your self & others
  •      You are on a spiritual journey and would like to connect with a group of like minded women in a safe, nurturing and sacred space to discover more about you & the sacredness of womanhood.

What you will learn:

  •      How to flow & align with your natural cyclic & hormone changes.
  •      How to eat to promote hormone balance and boost your fertility.
  •      Kitchen remedies (including herbs) to help resolve menstrual problems and promote healthy menstruation and support your fertility.  
  •      Practical tools & tips for self care during your period, and different phases of the menstrual cycle. 
  •      How to tap into & connect into the energy of fertility & creation.
  •      Meditation and restorative yoga practices specific for the different phases of your menstrual cycle.
  •      A deeper understanding of your pelvic anatomy & autonomy with restorative yoga & meditation visualisations
  •     How to heal unconscious suppressed emotions and relationship issues, and restore the sacredness of your womb.
  •      How to connect with your body, womb, heart and feminine wisdom and essence.
  •      How to strengthen and deepen the connection to your intuition and wisdom and regain inner trust.
  •      How to prepare your mind, body, spirit and womb space for conception.
  •      How to restore the sacredness of your womb – nourishing the feminine essence of your ‘beingness’ is truly the key towards maintaining your wellbeing and increasing your fertility.
  •      How to connect with the cycle of the moon for greater hormone balance & enhance fertility & menstrual health.

What is included:

  •      Two experienced facilitators Katherine Smith and Kate Moody, so you will be well cared for and nurtured over the two days. 
  •      Morning and afternoon tea. 
  •      A workbook with written information on all the self-care and yoga practices taught over the two days. 
  •      A meditation Cd. 
  •      A follow up series of motivational emails for inspiration and information around key concepts we explore over the two days. 

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